FrankBUILT Transmissions

Experience the perfect balance of performance and affordability with our FrankBUILT Performance diesel transmissions. From stock to high horsepower, we've got you covered! We use only the BEST parts in every unit.

We currently only offer local pick up. As we build our inventory of cores we will eventually offer shipping across the US so stay tuned.

FrankBUILT Performance Transmissions Warranty Information

-Parts & Labor warranty 2 year / UNLIMTED miles for NON COMMERCIAL vehicles

Warranty VOID if core is not returned and/or paid for in full. Including any and all deductions for damages in core.

If truck has larger than 35" tires, MUST be re-geared to 4.10 or better for warranty.

Warranty covers original purchaser from date of purchase of unit.

Parts warranty at manufacture's discretion.
-FrankBUILT Performance reserves the right to request maintenance records & receipts for warranty purposes.
-All warranty claims MUST be handled through FrankBUILT Performance.
-All warranty work MUST be performed by FrankBUILT Performance.
-Warranty does NOT cover fluids or filters.
-Warranty does NOT cover labor for install / removal or any additional items that may need to be removed / installed, towing, loss of use, rental vehicle, loss of profits / sales, etc.
-Warranty does NOT cover cost for repairs outside of FrankBUILT Performance.
-Warranty does NOT cover damage due to improper tuning / abuse.
-Warranty does NOT cover hard parts failure / replacement (cases, gears, shafts, etc).
-Warranty does NOT cover damage due to improper installation (low fluid, torque converter not seated fully, dowels not installed between engine & transmission, etc)
-Warranty does NOT cover failure due to fluid contamination (coolant, water, dirt, etc)
-Warranty does NOT cover failure from lack of fluid for any reason including failed gaskets / seals / wrong filters used.

FrankBUILT Performance Transmissions CORE POLICY

Transmission core charge. Core charge is fully refunded
upon inspection & confirmation of core. Adjustments to
core charge are assessed on a case by case basis. Core
deductions are only to replace the cost of any wrong /
broken parts.
Cores MUST include valve body, torque converter, and
complete transmission (including all hardware) unless
otherwise specified on the invoice for core refund.

Deductions in core refunds include, but are not limited to:
-Wrong unit returned for core (47RE core in place of a
48RE transmission, 2WD core in place of a 4WD
transmission, non bossed 48RE in place of a bossed
48RE, etc)
-Missing / wrong parts
-Disassembled / opened unit
-Damaged hard parts (clutches, seals / gaskets, filers, etc
are NOT included)

If you have any questions about our core policy please feel free to reach out and we can answer any & all questions. Core refunds will be processed within 15-30 business days upon receiving core.