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47RH/47RE/48RE DIY Transmission Line Kit for Remote Cooler Full Send Diesel

47RH/47RE/48RE DIY Transmission Line Kit for Remote Cooler Full Send Diesel


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Looking to upgrade your transmission cooling system and want to run a remote transmission cooler? Look no further then FSD's DIY transmission line kit. This kit comes with a spool of -8AN braided hose and all of the fittings you will need to adapt your lines the the transmission.

All you have to do is mount your cooler where you want it, measure, cut and assemble the hoses and you now have a very clean and reliable transmission cooling setup. This kit includes enough hose to mount the cooler in the spare tire location on a 4 door long bed truck.

What's included?

  • (30) Feet -8AN black nylon braided hose
  • (4) 90 8AN hose ends
  • (2) Transmission adaptor fittings


  • 1994-2007 Dodge Cummins
  • 2007.5-2021 Dodge Cummins With A Transmission swap.
  • Fits any vehicle with a 47RH, 47RE or 48RE.

Note: This kit is made to go from the transmission, directly to a remote transmission cooler of your choice and directly back to the transmission. There are not enough fittings included to utilize the factory heat exchanger. The only two fittings you will need to purchase in addition to this kit would be the Adaptors to thread into your transmission cooler if it doesn't already have them. For example, if you have a transmission cooler that has 1/2 NPT ports, you would need to purchase two (8AN Male x 1/2 NPT) adaptors.

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