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Air Lift 25980EZ Wirelessone Compressor System

Air Lift 25980EZ Wirelessone Compressor System


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WirelessOne is designed to work with most brands and styles of air springs, including those from Air Lift Company and other manufacturers. This makes it an excellent choice for those who already have an air spring system installed or those looking to upgrade their existing system.

With WirelessOne, you can control your Air Lift system from inside or outside your vehicle using either the included remote control or the WirelessOne App, allowing you to make on-the-go adjustments with ease.


Single-path control: Left and right air springs are inflated/deflated equally
Wireless handheld unit and NEW mobile app for convenient operation inside or outside the vehicle
Easy installation – no air lines to the cab!

Three programmable, user-defined memory settings

Includes EZ Mount installation bracket with upgraded compressor.

This application is a universal fit and may not work with all vehicles. This product features both a frame thru bolt and self tapping screw option, allowing flexibility of placement and how it is mounted to the vehicle.

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