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Deep Engine Oil Pan Raw 2017+ PPE Diesel

Deep Engine Oil Pan Raw 2017+ PPE Diesel


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PPE solves the GM Duramax L5P complete oil drainage problem. During regular oil changes, the stock GM pan retains over half a quart of the dirtiest, heaviest part of the oil which settles to the bottom of the valley of the stock pan. This old oil is trapped in the valley of the stock pan and never drains out. It immediately contaminates your fresh oil.

PPE solves that filthy problem with a flat, angled bottom, designed for more complete drainage. The PPE pan's higher volume holds an additional two quarts of oil. Your engine's fluid capacity is increased, as well as its thermal stamina, which creates a longer service life. Engine temperatures are further reduced because the PPE L5P Oil Pan is constructed of thick, cast aluminum alloy, designed with internal ribs that add strength and rigidity.

Plus, we've tapped the side with a convenient NPT port if you want to run a temperature sensor.

A powerful neodymium magnet-equipped, billet, the hardened stainless steel drain plug is included to pull ferrous metals out of your oil before they can damage the internals. An O-ring is also included, to ensure a tight seal.

Replace your factory-stamped steel oil pan and get rid of that dirty oil that you've been holding on to. Give your L5P a fresh, clean start with this simple bolt-on upgrade.

Recommendation Disclaimer: Replace with a new copper washer after each service.

Part # 114052002 14mm Copper Washer

  • Deep Engine Oil Pan Raw 2017+ PPE Diesel
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