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Extreme Duty Forged 7/8 Inch Drilled Steering Assembly Kit PPE Diesel

Extreme Duty Forged 7/8 Inch Drilled Steering Assembly Kit PPE Diesel


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Give your steering system a strong base that vastly improves on the factory design. Perfect for those who have added larger wheels and tires, more horsepower, or use their vehicle for drag racing, sled-pulling, or off-roading.

This Extreme-Duty Steering Kit comes complete with everything you need to upgrade your 2001-2010 GM factory 2500/3500HD components. The OE-Style (dog leg) Center Link is forged steel and sports a massive 1.5 inch diameter with a 7/8 inch drill to accommodate the PPE Extreme-Duty Forged Pitman Arm and Extreme-Duty Forged Idler Arm, which both come with replaceable dual bearings.

Also included in this extreme duty kit are a pair of Stage3 Forged Tie Rod Assemblies. These tie rod assemblies are the best of the best.

Featuring 1.5 inch wide, forged tie rods, massive 2 1/3 inch ball joints and a much larger and stronger, adjustable inner ball joint. PPE outer tie rod ends feature a spring-loaded gusher bearing that maintains constant pressure. This kit ensures long-lasting strength up front.

  • Extreme-Duty, Forged 7/8 Inch Drilled Steering Assembly Kit (158100110)
  • Massive 1.5 inch diameter OE-Style Center Link
  • Forged PPE 7/8 Inch Pitman and Forged PPE 7/8 Inch Idler Arm
  • Zerk fittings ensure easy maintenance
  • Stage3 Forged Tie Rod Assemblies
  • Sold As A Kit


  • 2001-2010 Chevrolet/GMC 2500HD/3500HD Trucks


  • Kit also includes a Pitman Arm Puller, making removing the stock center link easy
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