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Hamilton Cams 178/208 cast camshaft 89-18 Cummins

Hamilton Cams 178/208 cast camshaft 89-18 Cummins


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What’s included:

178/208 Camshaft (fits 89-2018 Cummins)


RPM Range: Idle-4000
Drops EGT 200-300
Increased bottom end power
Quicker spool up
Addition Information:
If you live at high altitudes, operate at low rpm or are looking for the best efficiency possible, this cam will help you considerably

Modification Required:

For it to be “drop in” you will need no more than .018″piston protrusion and at least .038″ valve face depth with a standard gasket. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for piston to valve clearance, don’t worry, you can still run an oversize head gasket or cut valve reliefs.


low rpm efficiency
any size turbo, large or small
Meant for increased all around efficiency
Break in:

To make sure that you have no issues during break-in, follow these few suggestions:

-Make sure that the cam has a Liberal amount of quality assembly lube applied
DO NOT let the engine start without oil pressure
-When this is a new engine, be sure to put a liberal amount of assembly lube in the oil pump and prime the oil filter
-Be sure to change the oil after you have done your break-in procedure. When the filter and oil system are already primed, engine will get oil pressure much faster than if the oil is changed at the same time.
-Disconnect the fuel system and spin the engine with the starter until oil pressure can be read or until oil is coming out of the rocker arms.
-Do not let the starter run for more than 10 seconds at a time
-Once oil pressure has been verified, let the engine start and run for five minutes at 1200-1500rpm then shut engine down
-Adjust valves then you are cleared to abuse your engine. Enjoy the added airflow
if you need to re-torque or “hot-torque “the head, do so before adjusting valves. Re-torqueing the head changes the valve lash setting, so it is important to set lash last.

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