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Perf Trans Cooler 2017-19 GM 6.6L Allison 1000 PPE Diesel

Perf Trans Cooler 2017-19 GM 6.6L Allison 1000 PPE Diesel


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Excessive heat prematurely damages the transmission. PPE Performance Bar and Plate Transmission Cooler give you the Proper cooling of your transmission fluid that you need to extend your transmission lifespan.

Bar and plate style cooler is far superior to the OEM-style tube and fin cooler in terms of cooling performance. Within each repeating section, the internal staggered square-pattern fins divert the high-temperature transmission fluid and increase the heat-transferring surface area. The external louvered fins maximize the cooling effect of ambient air.

When the mainline pressure is increased with upgrades such as a high-performance transmission kit, your transmission generates additional heat. A PPE Performance Transmission Cooler is critical in such situations.

PPE's Transmission Cooler Kit features a simple bolt-on installation and is covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

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