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PSC SG752R 1999-2004 Ford F250/F350 Ported Steering Gear Box

PSC SG752R 1999-2004 Ford F250/F350 Ported Steering Gear Box


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The SG752R Steering Gear has been completely updated and redesigned. The all-new SG752R features a larger diameter sector shaft, but is still compatible with OEM and aftermarket Pitman arms. Larger internal bearings provide greater support by reducing sector shaft side-to-side deflection and delivering smoother steering feel and performance.

The SG752R is engineered for the option to add PSC’s Cylinder Assist™ system. Cylinder Assist™ is critical for vehicles with larger-than-stock tires for improved turning capability.

Shop SK752-7.3 Complete Cylinder Assist™ Steering solution.

The SG752R is a completely new steering gear that delivers greater value and peace of mind over re-manufactured components.


1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Diesel F250/350

2003-2004 Ford 6.0L Diesel F250/350

2000-2003 Ford Excursion 7.3L Diesel

2003-2005 Ford Excursion 6.0L Diesel
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