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Titanium Woven Heat Blanket T6 Turbos PPE Diesel

Titanium Woven Heat Blanket T6 Turbos PPE Diesel


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Keep under hood temperatures down and reduce turbo lag with PPEs new High-Performance Titanium Woven Turbo Blankets. PPEs Turbo Blankets are constructed from high-temperature insulating padding and covered with a tough woven titanium outer layer.

On the inside, the blankets feature a stainless steel mesh which helps the blanket keep its shape while still being able to withstand temperatures up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. PPEs Blankets have built-in stainless steel anchoring hooks and free spring clips which keep the Blanket secure and allow for quick installation and removal.

Turbo heat blankets have many benefits: including keeping under hood temperatures down to protect hoses, wires, paint or anything else under the hood that may be sensitive to heat. Another benefit to cooler engine bay temperatures is keeping your charge air temperatures down by keeping heat out of the intercooler piping.

This means lower EGTs, quicker turbo spool, more power, as well as improved engine efficiency. PPEs Blankets decrease turbo lag by keeping heat energy in the exhaust side of the turbo instead of letting it radiate into the engine bay.

  • Titanium Woven Turbo Blanket
  • For T6 Turbos
  • Woven Titanium Exterior w/Stainless Mesh Inside
  • Sold Individually


  • T6 Turbos (GT47/GT50/GT55, S500) (116015055)
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